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You can find on this page some notable projects to which I contributed.

If you wish and if you like one of these projects, you can donate via GitHub or Liberapay, as I do for some important projects I rely on. Thank you!

Communications and Internet

  • Newspipe: a web-based news aggregator and reader.
  • Freshermeat: an open source software directory and release tracker.
  • Grenouille: an online service for weather data.


  • Stegano: a pure Python Steganography module.
  • Guardian: monitor the status of a set of services.
  • pyHIDS: a simple HIDS.


  • EV3WebController: provides a Web interface in order to control the motors of the EV3 robot.


  • IP-Link: the goal of IP-Link is to see the relationships between different IP from network traffic capture.


  • Jack Says: a web-based multiplayer game. It's a “Simon Says”-like (Jacques a dit in french) in which you need to follow the instruction given by Jack;
  • Minesweeper 3K is an original implementation of the classic game of mines;


The Open Shelter Database aims at creating a platform to collect and share with the widest possible audience, key information on humanitarian shelters, including the contacts of the organizations behind them.

Developed for the Netherlands Red Cross. The official instance is available here.

Various contributions

  • MONARC: an Optimised Risk Assessment Methodology.
  • MOSP: a user friendly platform for creating, editing and sharing JSON objects.
  • pySecret: a simple Python Cryptography Toolkit (Caesar, Vigenere, Affine, Permutation, Substitution, Hill, RSA, ElGamal).
  • pyChatter: an instant messaging software written in Python. The architecture of pyChatter is based on the SPADE MAS platform.
  • bPlog: Backpacker's Log (bPlog) is a kind of web log (not a blog) for hikers, travelers. You can log your current position with your smartphone (Android, etc.) or with other devices.
  • Balloon: an alternative to DropBox with file version control. It is based on Mercurial.

I do not accept donations for these contributions (already paid for these or I was not a core contributor).


Collaborative platform where you will find me:

There is also a page dedicated to computer science languages I appreciate.

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