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If you wish and if you like one of these projects, you can donate via GitHub or Bitcoin:

My projects are mainly hosted on Sourcehut and GitHub.

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Communications and Internet

  • Freshermeat, an open source software directory and release tracker.
  • Newspipe, a web-based news aggregator and reader.
  • Grenouille, an online service for weather data.



The Open Shelter Database aims at creating a platform to collect and share with the widest possible audience, key information on humanitarian shelters, including the contacts of the organizations behind them.

Developed for the Netherlands Red Cross.



  • IP-Link: the goal of IP-Link is to see the relationships between different IP from network traffic capture.


  • Jack Says: a web-based multiplayer game. It's a “Simon Says”-like (Jacques a dit in french) in which you need to follow the instruction given by Jack;
  • Minesweeper 3K is an original implementation of the classic game of mines;

Various contributions




  • pySecret: a simple Python Cryptography Toolkit (Caesar, Vigenere, Affine, Permutation, Substitution, Hill, RSA, ElGamal);
  • pyLock: a secure lock for SSH.
  • GoTalk: a Go chat server;
  • Balloon: an alternative to DropBox with file version control. It is based on Mercurial and will support Git;
  • pyChatter: an instant messaging software written in Python. The architecture of pyChatter is based on the SPADE MAS platform;
  • bPlog: Backpacker's Log (bPlog) is a kind of web log (not a blog) for hikers, travelers. You can log your current position with your smartphone (Android, etc.) or with other devices.



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