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My email address is:

My OpenPGP key has the fingerprint:

  55F5 D60E EFCA 3591 0089 18E7 A1CB 94DE 57B7 A70D

I support widespread use of strong cryptography for privacy. Kmail, Thunderbird and Mutt provides a good GPG encryption support.

Instant messaging


cedric at riseup dot net

OMEMO fingerprint:

  5ddb4222 5c4574b5 0e5b5ad0 1ae3026e 2ef16498 e955ff78 c2b1578a d2b1dd63

I am no more using OTR, prefer OMEMO. Dino offers a very good OMEMO support.

OTR fingerprint:

  CF4DA345 FDAA1BD2 EC616F41 3986DDC5 3EFC8706



'cedric' on Libera.Chat, usually in #python, #python-fr and some other channels.

Web public profiles

My Web presence is as follows.

What I self-host or control:

  • Freshermeat (full system control and developer for this software);
  • Newspipe (partial system control and developer for this software);
  • my blog (partial system control);
  • photo gallery (partial system control);
  • wiki (partial system control).

Data stored in France and in Luxembourg.

Services I could and would self-host:

Other services:

Ping me if I forgot something.

Gemini space

My little Gemini capsule is here: gemini:// and is hosted on Source Hut.

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